Email Marketing is as ‘old as the hills’, but its longevity is impressive for a reason – it worked then and it works now. Among the abounding methods of digital marketing, email marketing is the best at connecting you to leads and converting them into customers. Sorry all other methods, email marketing has you beat in consistent wins!

Here’s some quick stats to illustrate:

  • When it comes to email marketing, 49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • The average expected ROI is $32 from every $1 you spend on email marketing.
  • 81% of SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) still rely on email as their primary acquisition channel?
  • Research shows that adding video to your email can increase click rates by 300%.
  • People send 102.6 trillion emails every year. These numbers are headed in the right direction, with 126.7 trillion expected by 2022.

We placed the first stat above at the top for a reason. That is, you cannot ignore mobile email marketing because of how quickly we are moving to mobile.

This trend isn’t going anywhere. As of the end of 2018, for example, mobile devices chewed up 51% of the market share, while desktops only represented 45%. It’s no longer optional to create campaigns that work well on mobile devices, it’s essential. The reason is simple: if your campaigns aren’t geared primarily for mobile, you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers, leads and sales.

Effective Email Marketing

But there’s email marketing, and there is effective email marketing. Effective campaigns must be cleverly written to grab attention in the inboxes you are competing in. You want your emails to create user engagement. You don’t want plain-Jane, newsletter-style emails anymore. Your content must be interactive.

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And your lists are equally important – it’s important to know how to build a list full of targeted customers. It’s also important to optimize your emails to achieve the best open rates and click-through rates. What’s more, you should be automating the process of nurturing your leads so you can turn your possibilities into customers!

Marketing ADA-X-style! (our shameless plug!)

ADA-X’s mobile email tool is called ‘UpperMail’. And with UpperMail, sending out Email Marketing campaigns to your contacts is fast and easy.

It works in 4 stages:

  1. Refined Sending – Using the advanced profiling tool, you can select the contacts want to receive your communication.
  2. Test Delivery – Before the actual delivery, you can run multiple tests to verify everything is working properly.
  3. Scheduled Campaigns – You can set the day and time of delivery, scheduling your campaign to reach the desired targets.
  4. Summary Report – Before confirming delivery, you can view a summary that helps you test the final details of the campaign.

The UpperMail tool also includes built-in features for improved campaign performance. Take the “In Box Preview” function for example…you can quickly test your campaigns and visualize your email in advance as it will appear across various devices, clients or email clients (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.). This will help you avoid low open rates, and make necessary changes before sending.

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And there’s also an anti-spam guarantee, which enhances the quality of your email campaigns and guarantees better delivery rates. The Analytics module also helps you make sense of the most important data generated by campaigns and initiatives, and makes UpperMail the perfect choice for successful email marketing.

ADA-X helps you to capitalize on the advantages of email marketing from mobile, and the integration with ADA-X’s Mobile Landing Page and Mobile StoryTelling tools will boost the conversion potential of your email campaigns. Whatever it is you are after, ADA-X’s UpperMail tool will help you achieve it – be it promoting products, securing customer loyalty, profiling users, or making sales!