Informs Your Audience

Getting your audience is another blog post altogether. But when you have an audience, you need to tell them about your products and services through your content – regularly, which is also another blog post.

Content is essentially your store front. It’s the gateway from your audience’s first visit, to their final purchase decision – your conversion. If you are not converting, you are not growing. If you are not growing, a large part of that comes down to poor (or very little) content. You must tell your audience why they should choose your products or services and tell them in compelling ways. That is, your content. Broken record, right? It’s what makes you shine and stand out. But it must leave lasting impressions. Don’t scrimp out on quality graphics, videos and other illustrations. They can make or break your following. So tell your audience why they should engage with you, and tell them often!

The Flame to Your SEO Fuel

Where do your prospects go to find about your products or services? They go to your website. And how do they get to your website when they don’t know your web address, or that you even exist!? They go to a search engine like Google or…well, probably Google – mostly everyone does. So when your prospects visit your website and engage with your content, and eventually identify themselves (through forms on your website or by sending your company an email, etc.), they become a valuable lead.

The challenge here though, is to get them to your website in the first place. This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization, when used properly, makes your content stand out to search engines. When you have strong content, you fuel your content strategy by increasing the likelihood that you will appear in relevant searches. So your content must be exciting and provide real value to your audience. Important SEO elements include great keyword placement, backlinks to your content (links to your content from other higher-ranking pages on the web), and a good stable of website visitors!

Increases Social Media Response

Quality over quantity here. We can never stress this enough. Your social media posts are like live interactive forums for your audience. If you can get your audience to visit your social media channels, AND you have strong content, chances are they will interact with you through conversations, feedback and will generate new leads to your website.

Aside from your website, your social media channels are typically where people go to check you out. Not only that, it’s where they connect with you through comments, links and other elements.


At the end of the day you want your audience to follow up with you somehow, and your content is the best catalyst to make this happen. Without great content, you’re essentially invisible!

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