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Cut to the Chase Nutrition

Dr. Keith Ayoob’s “Cut to the Chase Nutrition” website.

Food Philosophy
“It’s not nutrition until you eat it! Taste matters, and I know it because it matters to me, too. I may be a nutritionist but I’m also a “foodie”, and indulgence is an important part of enjoying my life. We can eat healthfully, but also eat well, and the two can live in the same space.

My indulgence mantra: It’s all about balance. Example: I’d never recommend a diet or eating style that wouldn’t allow for an ounce of dark chocolate every day. Indeed, there is no food you love that you have to banish forever. Enough said?

There are lots of serious stories about nutrition and food, but in any world, there also has to be an equal amount of fun and enjoyment with food. The world is round. So is www.cuttothechasenutrition.com”

My Bio
I’m Associate Clinical Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, where I had a clinical practice for over 30 years, for families and children with special needs.

I also work in the private sector on nutrition and lifestyle initiatives.”