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Landing Pages – Conversion

Landing Pages – Conversion

Amidst all the inbound marketing techniques used to bring the customer to you, the Landing Page remains one of the most effective at luring, hooking and turning a lead into a conversion.

Simply put, a landing page is the place you ‘land on’ after you click a link. But then, any webpage, blog page, or product page could be a landing page. But in online marketing terms, landing pages are ‘zeroed in’ on one objective, which is matching the content of the ad the visitor clicked to reach the landing page. If your message is mismatched, however, your customer quickly leaves confused because your landing page must reflect and promote the exact same message presented on the ad that lead them there in the first place.

So why is this conversion business so important? To put it bluntly, a conversion is a customer…and a customer is a good thing. The bottom line is: landing pages help your business increase conversion rates, which effectively lowers the cost of acquiring leads and subsequent sales.

A landing page must have a call to action. This is something you want people to do no the page itself. The call to action can be referred to as the ‘bait’ used to hook the visitor. Some examples of landing page calls to action can include:

  • Buying something
  • Registering for an event
  • Submitting a form to become a lead
  • Subscribing to a newsletter or email distribution list
  • Contacting you by phone, email, SMS, etc.

Now enter the ADA-X Mobile Landing Page, which is designed and completely optimized for the mobile experience. ADA-X’s Mobile Landing Page is the most advanced web editor for creating, handling and publishing mobile-friendly landing pages using an exclusive design. The module is actually designed to generate the highest conversion rates.

The interface is simple, yet intuitive, letting you create pages and personalize them according to your marketing goals: basic promotion, potential client acquisition and user profiling. In a few easy steps, your mobile communication is transformed into engaging experiences with new contacts.


But ADA-X doesn’t generate run-of-the-mill landing pages. In fact, the Mobile Landing Page builder generate the following suite of landing page types:

  • Landing Promotion
  • Landing Lead
  • Landing Social Coupon
  • Landing Dynamic Survey
  • Landing Booking
  • Landing Deal
  • Landing mFlyer
  • Landing Donation

ADA-X’s Mobile Landing Page builder is all about versatility as well, generating landing pages that are perfectly adapted to any device (smartphone, tablet or PC), and operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, RIM). What more could you ask for when your goal is generating measurable conversions and transforming visitors into qualified users and satisfied clients? ADA-X Mobile Landing Page does it all.

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