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The Perfect 7 Step Marketing Process – Introducing Convergent Marketing

The Perfect 7 Step Marketing Process – Introducing Convergent Marketing

Think about the word ‘Convergent’ for a moment. What does it mean to converge? A simple definition is: “…tending to move toward one point or to approach each other.” In the marketing process, Convergent Marketing ® combines the most advanced communication technologies, aiming to reach the user more efficiently and conduct successful interactions culminating in multiple purchases. In short, Convergent Marketing ® is characterized by the interconnection between contents and channels.

The reason we call Convergent Marketing ® the perfect 7-step marketing process is because the process goes beyond the traditional campaign model by offering unique prospect experiences, in this new era of digital marketing, through Mobile, Social Media, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smartphone, Social and AI interaction is re-writing modern marketing and communication rules. Individually, they have a strong impact on the way customers communicate with brands. However, when these three ‘worlds’ interact within a continuous data flow, true potential is maximized.

Before jumping into the 7 steps of Convergent Marketing ®, here are 5 key steps to boost the performance of your marketing campaigns, otherwise know as “The 5 Pillars of Convergent Marketing ®:

  1. Attract with Social Media – This is where people spend most of their time, sharing thoughts, desires, opinions and states of mind. Social Media is an ever flowing fountain of data that no business can afford to ignore.
  2. Involve with emotional contents – With enormous amounts information exposure, people have become more selective. The best way to capture attention is to present and amaze people with contents that make a strong visual statement and impact.
  3. Convert with AI – Language is the most natural way to communicate. Why not use a Virtual Assistant’s natural conversation to acquire data and guide people to make final purchasing decisions?
  4. Automate the processes with Marketing Automation – The world is moving at a fast pace and it seems there is never enough time to complete routine tasks. As a result, our creativity and strategic planning take a hit. It’s making sense these days to delegate routine tasks to machines with artificial intelligence, so we can dedicate more time to what really matters.
  5. Measure the results in detail – Data is a marketer’s lifeblood – and the web is full of it. Every action made by someone leaves traces of useful information for brands to digest. To take advantage of this, these actions must be interpreted correctly and in real time.

In a true Convergent Marketing ® system, you have the perfect combination of an operative model (where people are reached by an interconnected flux of communications, allowing brands to monitor every step of the customer journey and transform them into a client, and then a loyal customer) and technology (ADA-X lets marketers create, distribute and measure, integrated, high-performing, communication campaigns).

Now, let us consider the perfect 7-step marketing process inside Convergent Marketing ® as it pertains to the ADA-X Mobile Marketing Platform:

  1. Customer Data Management – Study your audience and their needs. It’s no secret that managing contacts can be a categorical, time-consuming nightmare. Using ADA-X, this process is highly efficient. Manage your entire contact list by targeting your audience, importing contacts into specific groups (existing clients, prospects, conference connections, social campaigns), and ensuring consent from each contact. After importing contact information, use ADA-X to quickly verify email addresses to check for legitimacy and accuracy.
  2. Content Experience – Anyone can create content. But not everyone can give life to unique experiences. There are good business stories out there, but the ones that stick are told by master story-tellers. Give your company a memorable, well-defined visual identity that actually awakens people’s emotions. By creating unique contentfor targeted audiences, using StoryTellingMovieTelling and Social Media, you create lasting images in the minds of people who will remember your brand, business, personality, and the expertise you offer as a company.
  3. Lead Generation – Attract users and gain their trust. A customer’s interest is just that – interest only. How do you get them over the hump of interest, to the place where they trust you with their data? ADA-X has the perfect recipe to help you shape your customer’s belief in you…it’s called your ‘Convergent Strategy’. It starts way before you create your content. You strategize, plan, and then stimulate your audience to the point of leaving their data in your hands. Grab their attention with lead magnets, Facebook Ads, opt-in tools, etc. Get real, measurable insight into the specific interactions your users are having with your content. Then, accelerate your marketing efforts by converging content into a seamless stream of rich communications, all connected through integrated CTAs.
  4. Analytics & Lead Scoring – Monitor customer data, and learn to interpret it. If we cannot measure it, we cannot improve it. The same is true when it comes to studying how people interact with distributed content and conversions generated by campaigns. Using Digital Performance Indexes and Apps, ADA-X gives you the ability to quickly remedy issues if they arise. And just when you thought Chatbots could not be any ‘smarter’, ADA-X offers Chatbot Analytics, driven by things like ‘unanswered questions’ so you can update your Chatbot knowledge base to gain further insight into your customers’ needs. How are your marketing initiatives coming along? Why not check the built-in indicators and KPIs in the Analytics module. With easy-to-read modules, you’ll be creating more effective campaigns in no time.
  5. Lead Nurturing – Lasting relationships rely on nurturing. What happens when you don’t water a flower? The same thing that happens when you don’t nurture a lead. Customers constantly like to be reminded of the benefits your relationship brings them. ADA-X offers a plethora of ways to do this. Why not reserve dedicated promotions to existing customers using Landing Social Coupons? Everyone loves exclusivity! You can also create groups to periodically send newsletters, with ADA-X’s UpperMail, containing the latest news, so your customers always feel your presence and are aware of your latest products and services. Use Landing Surveys to ask customers their opinion on business strategy and the relationship you have established with them.
  6. Marketing Automation – Automate your work, have more time to create and strategize. What’s better than setting your marketing on auto-pilot? Nothing! When you want to have more time to build your business and focus more on strategy and creativity, let ADA-X fly the marketing plane for you. With SMS, email or Lead Generation campaigns, you can plan ahead by creating automated marketing workflows. What’s more, you can boost the benefits of marketing automation by planning different workflows for Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing or sales objectives. Integrate your existing, interconnected content to do things like sending a text message following the failure to open previous communication – this way, you’ll have a much better chance of converting the user.
  7. ChatBot & Conversational Flow – Talking to people helps them make the right decisions. The use of Chatbots, and their popularity, is propelling marketing automation forward because people love conversing with brands. Customers are relating with Chatbots more often as they become increasingly human-like virtual assistants. ADA-X Chatbots transform classic contact forms into natural streams of questions, designed to get the information they need from the user. Chatbots are as intelligent as you want them to be, and ADA-X is serious about wanting to educate customers in a personal way in the automation era.

When you follow the Convergent Marketing ® process, there are no real hard and fast rules. But when you follow the general guidelines, you have a great starting point to getting the most out of, and managing, your ADA-X marketing campaigns. In doing so, you successfully offer interactive and personalized experiences using a seamless solution.

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